Director General

Mr. Abdul Majeed Burt

Mr.abdul Majeed Burt i is serving as Director General PITE, Sindh.


M.s. Nusrat Fatima Kalhoro

M.s. Nusrat Fatima Kalhoro is currently serving as director CPD in PITE,Sindh.

Deputy Director

Mr. Ghulam Rasool Zardari

Mr. Ghulam Rasool Zardari is currently serving as Deputy Director in PITE, Sindh.


Mr. Rab Dino Shahani

Mr Mr. Rab Dino Shahani is serving as Editor in PITE,Sindh.

Head Teacher

Ms. Saima Memon

Ms. Saima Memon is currently serving as head teacher in PITE, Sindh.

Testing & Evaluation Officer

Ms. Nazan Chandio

Ms. Nazan Chandio serving as Testing & Evaluation Officer in PITE, Sindh.

Assistant Director

Mr. Siraj Ahmed Gopang

Mr. Siraj Ahmed Gopang is currently serving as Assistant Director in PITE, Sindh.

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