Provincial Institute Of Teacher


Role of PITE

New Role of PITE according Sindh School Standards and Curriculum Act 2015:

The Provincial Institute of Teacher education PITE Sindh shall be responsible for implementing pre-services teacher education and continuous professional development programs based on school educational standards and curriculum for developing professionally competent teachers, teacher educators and head teachers. The PITE shall be responsible of academic supervision of teacher education programs, whereas all constituent teacher education institutes as well as PITE work under the administrative control of education and literacy department.

      i. Assisting the Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh in formulation of educational policies as well as short term and long term plans
      ii.Ensure and evaluate the quality of all initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development.
      iii.Maintain linkages with Provincial, National and International Institutions.
      iv.Organize teacher training program for teachers, teacher educators and educational mangers.
      v.Take all possible efforts for enhancement of the quality of teacher education in Province of Sindh.
      vi. Under take quality research in teacher education and other related areas.