Provincial Institute Of Teacher


Introduction In-service Training

CPD Training wing of PITE is responsible for execution of trainings at the PITE campus. These trainings include:

  • (1) Induction Trainings: for Educational Managers, Primary School Teachers PST, Junior School Teacher JST, High School Teacher, Subject Specialist SS ,
  • (2) Post Induction Trainings:
      i) (CPD Programme: On-the-job training & coaching of TEs, DEOs,EDOs, Heads, Principals, JST, PST,HST,SS
      ii) In-Service Trainings for Professional Development: for Education Managers (EDOs, DEOs, TEOs, Heads, Teacher Educators (TEs), Master Trainers/Lead Teacher Educators.
  • (3) Promotion-Linked Trainings (Rules Framed).
  • (4) Specialized Trainings: Cross cutting subjects Like Social cohesion, Disaster management etc
  • (5) Training Requests from other: Organizations/Provinces e.g. NCHD, Master Trainers Trainings of ICT, CIDA.
  • (6) Orientation Training seminars/Workshop for Faculty oF GECE colloges

In-Service Training

  • Use of ICT in Education Training at Secondary Level
  • HRM Manual for Principal/Headmaster of GHSS/GHS (M & F)
  • Financial Management for Principal/Headmaster of GHSS/GHS (M &F))
  • Manual on School Management for Middle School Head Teachers
  • Manual on School Management for Primary School Head Teachers
  • Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS)
  • Personnel Management (HRD & HRM)
  • Financial Management
  • Academic Management
  • Research Methods, Techniques & Study conduction
  • Manual on Disaster preparedness and Risk Management
  • Manual on psycho social Training for Teachers
  • Manual on Mine Risk Education for Teachers
  • Manual on Peace Education for Teachers
  • Community Participation & Parent Teacher Council (PTC)
  • Manual on School Sanitation & Hygiene Education
  • Manual for Teachers on Child Friendly Schools Concept
  • Manual for Middle School Head Teachers on Supervision

Target Population for Trainings (Teachers)

  • Early Childhood Education (ECE Teacher).
  • Primary School Teacher (PST).
  • Elementary School Education (JST).
  • Secondary and Higher Secondary School Education (H.S.T & S.S.T).
  • Community School Teachers
  • Master Trainer
  • Lead Master Trainer

Target Population for Trainings (Managers)

  • Head Designates of Primary Schools
  • Head Teachers of Middle Schools
  • Headmasters/Headmistress of High Schools
  • Principals of Higher Secondary Schools
  • Education Managers (DEOs, EDOs,TEO, Supervisors, heads/Principals)
  • Teacher Educators