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Director General's Message

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DG: Nusrat Fatima Kalhoro

We are living in the era of Technology. The pace of the progress of the World has been increased due to positive use of technology in almost all spheres of life. The use of Information and Communication Technology in the field of Education especially in the classroom teaching learning has increased the thought processes; through interactive opportunities for learners.

Like other developing countries, our country Pakistan is also progressing in the sector of Education due to introduction of technology. The public as well as private sector institutions are adopting the Information & Communication Technology in their curriculum as an essential part. It is proved with the time that those Teachers/ Institutions use ICT in their course teaching; they get better results as compared to those who do not use the ICT.

The Teacher Education Institutions can play an effective role by integrating ICT into their programs and courses.

The website of an Educational Institution can be a big source of information for others. This may include the information about programs/ courses offered faculty profiles, resources, identification of facilities, linkages with stakeholders etc.

The PITE, being an Apex body of the Teacher Education and Development in Sindh province, has created this website. The purpose of creating this website is to provide information to the teachers across Sindh province relating to the PITE’s TED program and courses; the evaluation reports of the programs conducted; short term research studies in TED information regarding faculty of PITE, PITE’s facilities, PITE’s linkages etc.

In Sindh, Education Standards and Curriculum act-2015, the role of PITE has been enhanced. Now the PITE has to oversee all Pre-service and In-service teacher education programs/ courses running in PITE and the TTIs in Sindh. The PITE has the mandate of all the Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development in Sindh. Keeping this in consideration, the PITE is taking some concrete steps like introduction of the resourceful website; planning to offer various CPD courses (both face to face and online) for the teacher educators and teachers of sindh province. Presently, the PITE is working with STEDA to design CPD Framework for Accreditation and Certification of Courses/ Institutions and soon the PITE will be offering the courses for the teachers in Sindh province.

This website is in the process of development. Soon, the PITE Sindh will place resources/ materials for Teachers like Lesson Plans (Subject-wise), Teacher Guides (Subject-wise), Training Manuals, Articles on Teacher Education and Development, etc so that all teachers should have a good opportunity for reading and self improvement.

I wish all the best and hope that all the teachers in Sindh province will take interest and show their full commitment for improving the teaching learning and assessment by using ICT in their classrooms. This may be kept in mind that all the children in the world are not clean slate. They bring with themselves the variety of talents and pre-school experiences, knowledge, and specific attitudes at school; it is the teacher, who play a vital role in refining the activity and talents of children and enable them to progress towards an effective and efficient learner through active participation in their own learning. A well qualified and committed teacher can be good resource for creating active learner in the school. All the teachers in Sindh should develop maximum interest towards creating an active learning environment in the schools so that our country should have knowledgeable and competent citizens in the future.