Provincial Institute Of Teacher


Human resource management and database center (hrmdc)

The HRMDC is being established in PITE with the purpose of human resource in teacher education and development in Sindh province through the development of datebase of Teacher Educators serving throughout the province of Sindh. This Center will develop strategies and plans for utilizing the HR in the various trainings and other professional development activities. The HRMDC is in the process of construction and soon it will be handed over to PITE Sindh. The Objectives of HRMDC are:

  • i. • Develop database of Human Resources in TEIs.
  • ii. Conduct need assessment surveys in TEIs and Schools.
  • iii. Develop networking with TEIs and Cooperative Schools.
  • iv. Conduct studies in HRD and HRM in TEIs and Cooperative Schools.
  • v. Develop linkages with Organizations and Institutions working at Local and International Level (with the consent of education and literacy Department) for the betterment of Teacher Education Development in Sindh province.