Provincial Institute Of Teacher




The PITE has also played an active role in Education Leadership Development Program in Sindh. In year 2006-07, PITE started training for Education Managers in collaboration with the UNESCO, which was appreciated. Later on, the similar kind of activity was revised with the support of Education and Literacy Department in years 2005 and 2006 through the PITE which also went successful. In year 2009, through the Education Management Reform Program (Initiative of Sindh Education Reform Program (SERP-I), the Education Leadership Center (ELC) was established in PITE and Sindh Education Sector Management (SESM) Course comprised of 8 Modules was introduced for the Educational Managers of Education and Literacy Department. The SESM was inaugurated in year 2011 by the Senior Minister of Education and Literacy Department which continued up to year 2012. Total 117 Education Officers were trained in SESM Course. In future, the PITE, keeping its improved role in consideration, will revive the training of Education Officers/ Managers of Sindh province.



The Education Leadership Development Center was established in 2010 in PITE. The first ever course launched in ELC PITE was SESM. It went highly successful and all the Course Participants appreciated the SESM course as one of the mile stones in their career.


  • Assist the Department in policy and practices in leadership development. Design and implement Leadership and Management programs for Educational Leaders, Managers and Head Masters of Schools & Heads of TEIs.
  • o Develop Materials for improving professional skills of leaders and managers.
  • o Conduct Research Seminars.
  • o Evaluate various models / approaches in Leadership Development.
  • o Publish leadership and Management journals.


  • Professional Development of around 500 Education Managers trained in Sindh through the Governmentt of Sindh and UNESCO initiatives in year 2005-6.
  • Establishment of Education Leadership Center in 2010 and offered Sindh Education Sector Management (SESM) course to 117 Education Managers through 5 cycles in year 2011-12.
  • Future Planning

    After notification of Education Management Cadre, the PITE sees active role in offering of mandatory Courses (Beginning and Advanced) to the Officers of the Education Management Cadre.