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National Commission for Human Development is a not for profit organization with the mission to transform lives by improving access to basic education and healthcare in the country’s poorest communities. NCHD is the leading agency fighting illiteracy in 134 districts of Pakistan and helping people to find routes out of ignorance. With nationwide network of 101 Human Development Support Units situated all over Pakistan and hands-on-experience, NCHD aims at enlarging the scale and scope of the efforts made by the government in ensuring the effective provision of social services. It perceives human development as a process of enlarging choices, building capacities and encouraging participation of communities at the grass roots. To ensure this, NCHD is directed towards supporting government line departments, civil society organizations and the local communities in the sectors of education, basic health care and income generating activities at the grassroots.


The Aga Khan University's Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan stands as a centre of distinction for: developing educators, education managers, researchers and policy makers as exemplary leaders to improve the quality and delivery of education; generating knowledge to transform educational practices and policies; and implementing innovative and contextually relevant school improvement programmes in the under-served and hard-to-access areas.

3. Socio Engineering

SE Group vast range of activities include international as well as local consultancy services, Project Management, Contract Management, Interactive Classroom Solutions, Construction, Installation, Erection, Manufacturing, and Supply of Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Buildings and Trading which includes Export/Import and local supply of goods.

Local Partners

  • 1. HEC
  • 2. NACTE
  • 3. AEPAM
  • 4. BoC
  • 5. TRC
  • 6. RSU
  • 7. STBB
  • 8. Sukkur IBA