Provincial Institute Of Teacher


Head Mistress

MS. Nargis Khatoon Zardari

Head Mistress

MS.Nargis Khatoon Zardari holds M.phil education and M.Ed and is serving as Head Mistress in PITE, Sindh

Lab & School


The Laboratory School was established in 1995 along with the establishment of PITE. The purpose of establishing Laboratory School was to create a practicing school for the pre-service and in-service teachers registered for the regular courses/ trainings at PITE. This is basically a high school from Early Child Education (ECE) to class-X. The well qualified teachers are appointed who use variety of methods of teaching learning and assessment in classroom. They also serve as Teacher Educators to support in delivery of Teacher Education courses/ programs. (Profile of half to one Page will be presented here) The Lab School has initiated ECE classroom with an equipped resources room. This was initiated with the Support of UNESCO Pakistan.


High School serves as practicing school in the leadership of QamarShahidSiddique (D.G, PITE).To conduct research in real classroom situation, to get the useful findings, so that trainees could apply their new teaching experiences while imparting training to the trainee teachers. Conduct research in real form to enhance the quality of education of reaches in entire Sindh.