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Continuing Professional Development is much wider than just formal training courses, Because Learning never ceases, Regardless of age or seniority. Professional roles are ever changing therefore the goals of CPD is to improve personal performance and enhance career progression. CPD is the process by which, alone and with others, Teacher review, renew and extend their commitment as change agents to the moral purpose of teaching and by which they acquire and develop critically the knowledge, skills and emotional intelligence essential to good professional thinking, planning and practice with children, young people and colleagues through each phase of their teaching lives.

According to notified TED Policy 2009, the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) wing was established in year 2010. In year 2010-11, the CPD Accreditation and Certification Framework was piloted in which PITE played a lead role and an extensive report was submitted to the Education and Literacy Department. Presently, the PITE is engaged in the revising of CPD accreditation and certification framework with STEDA. A part from this, the Pakistan Reading Project (PRP) of USAID is also working under the Education and Literacy Department’s Organizations including PITE Sindh for developing CPD strategy for the province of Sindh. Soon the PITE Sindh, after notification of CPD Framework and strategy, will implement CPD Program and Courses for teachers in Sindh province.


  • • Facilitate the Education and Literacy Department and STEDA in CPD affairs.
  • • Participate in Policy Dialogue Provide technical support in designing of CPD Programs Conduct orientation programs, CPD programs and Research seminars.
  • • Develop materials, manuals, CPD resources;
  • • Develop/improve the capacity of TTIs faculty to implement CPD program.
  • • Collaborate to National and International partners working in the area of CPD in Sindh Province.
  • • Quality Assurance of CPD programs.
  • • Publish Research Findings in Journals.


Induction Training for Newly Recruited Teachers:
This program is designed by the Reform Support Unit (RSU) and approved by Education and Literacy Department. Since 2013, the PITE is involved in implementation of Induction Training in Shaheed Benazirabad District.

I. Curriculum based Trainings for Teachers:

The PITE plans the trainings for In-service teachers (PSTs, JSTs and HSTs) having focus on Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and active learning. The training includes how to plan, teach, and assess; keeping the requirement of school curriculum and the textbooks. Sometimes, the subject focused trainings like training of teaching Mathematics, Science, English and ICT etc are also offered to teachers of Primary and Secondary School level.

II. Trainings offered through Partnership/ Collaboration:

The PITE Sindh has also a good record of offering interventions on cross cutting themes like Early Childhood Education, Disaster Risk Reduction, Social Cohesion, Environmental Education etc in partnership with various National and International partners. Presently, the PITE is working with Sindh Teacher Education Development Authority (STEDA) on development of CPD Accreditation and Certification Framework. PITE is also working with PRP on CPD Framework and Strategy through Cluster School based in Sindh. PITE is also working with Sindh Reading Project (SRP) for CPD through the cluster based school for its indentified Districts in Sindh Province which soon will be implemented.

Future Plan of CPD

Once the new role is finally assigned to PITE, the PITE will design a strategy to deal with the CPD of teachers in Sindh province. The PITE will have a big mandate of CPD of all teachers from Primary and Secondary section of the school education. PITE will focus other forums of CPD acquired from the in-service training only. In may include online courses for teacher; school based support to teachers; etc.